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At Leoness Cellars, great care, effort, and patience are taken in crafting each of our Temecula wines. From harvest all the way through bottling, hundreds of carefully thought out decisions are made, which directly influence the stylistic dimensions of the finished wines - wines that showcase our passion and dedication to the art of wine-making.

Cellar Selection

The Cellar Selection Series is carefully crafted in a style suited to excite all types of palates.  This collection of both white and red wines offers something for everyone, from the fruity aromas of Viognier, to the bold richness of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, to the delightfully refreshing Mélange d’Ete. The Cellar Selection Series is designed to give a preview of everything Leoness has to offer.

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Vineyard Selection

Vineyard Selection Series wines are hand-crafted from single vineyard varietals.  The wines in this series showcase single, vineyard specific varietals – each wine produced to suite the unique characteristics of the vineyard.  These wines are an expression of a single vineyard, a reflection of the terroir.  The wines are aged in new oak barrels tailored to match the diverse vineyard blocks and bring out the finesse and elegance.

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Signature Selection

The Signature Selection Series focuses on the art of blending different varietals, creating wines, noted for their grace and elegance, as well as their intensity and character. Made from carefully selected lots harvested from mature vines, each wine in the Signature Selection Series has been meticulously cared from the vine to bottle. The Signature Selection Series is the ultimate representation of the Leoness Cellars commitment to quality. 

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Library Wines

Each year we reserve a small quantity of the wines we deem to be age-worthy and exceptional representations of the quality we strive for at Leoness Cellars.

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